Slow Life



Simplicity rediscovered ...

Back to basics, kindness, simplicity, reconciliation; These words resonate with us as a call for you to find yourself, to make time to take care of yourself, to go back to your roots: 


Being present with yourself.

This philosophy, which is more than just a passing fad, has become a necessity, to rediscover the essential Slow Life: respecting oils and plant extracts using cold-pressing techniques, raw materials from France, from local crops, reduced lists of ingredients to limit skin allergies, focusing on ingredients of plant origin.

Is a good vegetable oil a first cold-pressed oil which maintains all these benefits? Yes! So why heat them up to make our beauty products and destroy their best features?
At Aquateal, we do things differently, using cold-pressed precious and delicate vegetable oils, such as camelina oil from South-Western France, to enrich our beauty products whilst preserving all their natural qualities. The precious oil molecules actually penetrate your skin, with a noticeable effect.

More than ever, we want to live and work in harmony with our planet's resources ...

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"I love this scrub, it is very effective, very soft for the face and feels divinely good! I recommend without hesitation"

Pseudo: Arroway 

"An excellent product! I use it absolutely every day, it makes it possible to obtain a beautiful complexion, and to largely do without foundation, thus zero effect of matter"

Pseudo: Dollymilie

"This tanning water has just become my must have summer and winter to have a nice tan."

Pseudo: marion0752 

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